About us

Founded in 2009 and providing the public, for already seven years, with comprehensive information about all the news and events in health and medical sector, Doctors.am website represents a unique information domain in its form, where the data posted is updated and each day complemented, thus increasing the number of both the visitors and viewing pages. The target group of the site represents people interested in the health sphere that want to be always informed about major events, innovations and developments in Armenia and throughout the world. The site contains comprehensive information about doctors, existing medical institutions in Armenia, diseases, medications and a number of issues concerning the population. Doctors.am enables visitors from various remote parts of Armenia to contact doctors, send the questions they are interested in and receive answers to these questions. According to the data provided by «GOOGLE ANALYTICS» service, the average number of the visitors of Doctors.am site is 6,000 per day, and the total number of page views is 700 000 every month.

The goal of our activity is to inform and help people in acquiring, in a simple and quick manner, the information required and quality consultation.

Our Team

Satenik G. Grigoryan
Seda Grigoryan
IT specialist
Hranush Hovhannisyan
Tehmine Nazaryan
Amalia Grigoryan
Lusine Grigoryan
Zaven Koloyan
Anna Hovhannisyan