Dear visitor, offers you (doctor/medical institution) an advertising banner service on our website, which will increase the number of your site views and make your company more popular.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Minimum of 3000 views (clicks) per month
  • Target Audience
  • Placement of an integrated information article (posting of interviews or commercial articles on website)
  • Creation of company's information page on

Website 3 upper banners:

         960x30 170 000 AMD  (1 month)

Website right side banners:

        250x156  70.000 AMD  (1 month)

        250x326 120.000 AMD (1 month)

        250x496 150.000 AMD (1 month)

In addition, our website provides the opportunity to place flash banners, as well as a doctor or a medical center information page registration.

We offer additional services if any of service packages is not advisable for you:

  • Interview and photo session
  • Posting and sharing of commercial ads, articles
  • Creating and maintaining an information page about the professional activities of a doctor, sharing advertising on our Facebook page
  • Send letters by e-mail to the target audience

Articles (interview with a journalist, preparing and posting an article on website) 10.000 AMD.

Commercial article posting on website - 10.000 AMD.

All articles published on our website will be shared on Facebook page, providing the widest audience and more views.

We would like to remind you that medical information service provides thorough and accurate information about all news and events related to healthcare since 2009.

According to the statistical research system Google Analytics, the average daily number of visits to is 6,000, and 800,000 monthly.

You can contact us:
Tel: + 374 60 537 537

We hope for further cooperation!

With best regards, team